With over a decade of experience, we have partnered with numerous manufacturing customers, addressing their pain points with innovative technology solutions while establishing ourselves as their trusted ally. Our clientele spans across various sectors, including meat processors, construction material manufacturers, medical device makers, and industrial robot creators. We collaborate closely with our customers throughout their business processes, from order to cash, procure to pay, supply chain, ware house, inventory management to financials. Our digital transformation approach using ERP, SaaS products, AI and Data Analytics has helped optimize each of those processes of our manufacturing customers.

Shipping & Logistics

With over three decades of experience in Shipping & Logistics, our consultants have immersed themselves in every aspect of the industry, spanning ocean liners, origin and destination logistics, 3PLs, port and rail terminal management, and more.

Our technology solutions for shipping & logistics clients have ranged from large-scale transformation projects, transitioning core operational systems from mainframes to distributed cloud platforms, to digitalizing customer experiences and implementing advanced pricing and analytics solutions.

High Tech

With the strength of our expertise and strategic partnership, HiBiz will be a solution provider for all your needs. HiBiz helps businesses and their products to stay ahead of the curve. We use current technologies like cloud, blockchain and mobility to develop and deploy the products. Our R&D experts will help you with forecast trends, adopt early and reap benefits in the market. We help to find a spot in this always-evolving market through constant upgrading of technologies.

Health care

With advances in Information Technology, we use technologies like blockchain and mobility to address the business challenge. HiBiz will revamp strategies and operations, to maintain a business advantage. Our solution is focused to improve personalized medicine and to increase patient satisfaction. HiBiz helps to maintain a balance between patient’s demand and constantly evolving market by innovation. Our solution allows you to embrace digital and prepares to tackle digital transformation.

Explore how HiBiz drives business value across diverse industries with sustainable solutions.